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What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown, sometimes called a cap, is a restoration that fully encases the tooth to protect the natural tooth structure. Dental crown can help protect and strengthen the tooth from further dental damage, and can restore the tooth’s original function, shape, color, size, and appearance.

A dental crown can be made of a variety of materials, including most commonly tooth-colored porcelain ceramic, or a porcelain fused to an understructure such as zirconia or metal. The type of material used is determined by the location of the tooth that it will be covering, the amount of tooth structure remaining, and the strength needed from the crown to withstand your biting forces. For your safety, at Aesthetic Dentistry of Fairfield, we only use the highest grade materials that are fully FDA approved, and all of our crowns are hand-made by expert laboratory technicians in the United States. Ceramic porcelain crowns are recommended for front teeth as it gives a more natural, aesthetic and life-like appearance to your smile.

Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Crown

There are many reasons a patient may require a crown. Damaged teeth or a missing tooth can cause other oral health issues if left untreated. It is essential to have tooth issues treated as soon as possible to avoid further complications such as damage, decay, or pain from lack of treatment.

Some of the common scenarios where someone would require a crown include:

  • To strengthen a cracked or weakened tooth 
  • To rebuild a fractured tooth
  • To fix tooth with a large dental cavity that is close to the nerve
  • To help restore a worn-down tooth’s shape, size, and appearance
  • To close a gap causing esthetic concerns or food impaction
  • Cosmetic enhancement

Our doctor will present you with all of your treatment options and always provide compassionate, quality care. Your oral health is essential to us, and we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible during any treatment or procedure, including the preparation and placement of a dental crown.

The Process of a Dental Crown

Before we begin any procedure, our team will evaluate your comfort level and describe the entire process. We want every patient to feel as comfortable as possible and offer sedation dentistry to make your experience more relaxing and pain-free.

The procedure for a dental crown usually requires two visits. On the first visit, our dentist will anesthetize the tooth and surrounding gum area, and will prepare the natural tooth. We will remove a portion of the enamel so the porcelain crown has room to fit the tooth without pushing adjacent teeth. An impression will be taken to send to our lab, where your crown will be hand-fabricated by our expert and experienced dental lab ceramists.

Once this is complete, our dentist will clean the tooth and place a temporary crown while your new crown is fabricated in the dental laboratory. During a second visit, we remove the temporary crown and bond the new, permanent crown.

After the crown is placed, it is essential to take proper care of your restoration. Crowns require the same conscientious care as your natural teeth. Make sure to brush and floss often to prevent dental plaque build-up for healthy teeth. If you have a grinding habit or bruxism, you should use a mouthguard to protect your teeth and restorations. Crowns are durable but can be damaged from misuse and bruxism. You should continue to visit our dental office for regular oral exams and cleanings.

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