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Full Mouth Restoration

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Full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, and restoration are terms used to describe the process of simultaneously rebuilding all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. The full mouth reconstruction process is typically planned by a highly qualified restorative dentist, like a prosthodontist, and often incorporates other dental specialists like periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists.

Full mouth restoration is sometimes recommended for patients who have damaged, severely worn, or several missing teeth, to best restore their function and esthetics. Dr. Christine Lee is a board-certified prosthodontist, a specialist in full mouth reconstructions. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee, call our office at 203 259-7073.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction, although it sounds intimidating, really refers to the philosophy of looking at every tooth both individually and holistically. Every tooth has its own treatment needs, but each tooth plays a larger role in the function of your jaw and appearance of your confident smile– a dentist who is completing your full mouth reconstruction must have the ability to see the small details, but also the bigger picture.

Proper treatment is key when planning a full mouth reconstruction. After a comprehensive examination with Dr. Lee, she will put together one or several treatment plans to discuss in detail with you. An intraoral scan will be taken with our iTero scanner, and models of your teeth will be 3D printed. A diagnostic “wax-up” will be made by an expert dental technician, to help you envision what your teeth will look like once the full mouth restoration is completed. All treatment timing, projected length of procedures, risks and benefits of each treatment, and expected financial costs will be discussed with you and presented in writing to ensure that we are working towards the same goal. 

Full mouth reconstruction typically involves an interim period with a temporary to test the esthetics and function before finalizing into ceramics or porcelain. Each dental restoration is completely custom-made for you, to fit your particular jaw, facial features, and smile. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Fairfield, our dentist have the knowledge and experience to create an attractive smile that will stand out but also blend in– a smile that uniquely fits you.

Who is a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

It is important to note that missing, damaged, or severely worn teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue– untreated dental issues can lead to loss of function and limit your ability to properly chew your food. More recently, dental issues like gum disease have been linked to a variety of serious medical health risks. A full mouth reconstruction addresses all of your functional and cosmetic needs in a holistic manner by looking at how all of your teeth come together. 

You may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction if you have any of the following difficulties:

  • Dental crowns broken, chipped, or that are no longer functional
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • An unbalanced or shifted bite
  • Moderate-to-severe wear from grinding or clenching
  • Injury to your teeth due to gum disease or an accident

You may also be a candidate for full mouth restoration if you are unhappy with your smile, whether it be the color, the shape, or the general appearance of your teeth. 

What is the Cost of a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Although many other dental procedures have a typical ballpark cost associated with it, a full mouth reconstruction is truly a customized proposal. There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to the question of financial investment into a full mouth reconstruction. 

Each individual patient has vastly different dental needs, and Dr. Christine Lee needs time to develop a treatment plan that balances the patient’s needs and wants, with the best biologic and structural way to restore the individual teeth, while still creating a harmonious and aesthetic smile. The only way to accurately answer the question of cost for your specific situation is to make an appointment with Aesthetic Dentistry of Fairfield at 203 259-7073

Comfort and Care: Your Comfort During Full Mouth Reconstruction

Although a full mouth reconstruction sounds intimidating, at Aesthetic Dentistry of Fairfield, we do our best to ensure you are never in pain during any procedures, and to minimize any postoperative discomfort. 

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to allow our patients maximum comfort through their appointments. We also provide sedation options for our patients who are anxious, including nitrous oxide or laughing gas, and IV sedation. We have two TVs in each treatment room– one of them is on the ceiling!– which helps to pass the time quickly as you watch your favorite TV shows or movies during dental treatment. Our doctor and assistants always strive to provide the most gentle care, to avoid postoperative pain.  We provide detailed methods for decreasing pain and sensitivity, before and after treatment, including desensitizing toothpaste and a medication regimen. 

The Benefits of Choosing Full Mouth Reconstruction with Aesthetic Dentistry

A full mouth reconstruction allows us a new start– as we are fully rebuilding the bite, we have many more options in choosing the shape, length, and position of your teeth. The dental lab technician also has the luxury of creating the ceramic restorations all at once, allowing for the best contours in between each tooth. 

Aside from cosmetic reasons, full mouth reconstruction can solve and alleviate functional issues to allow for better function of the jaw and an increase in the quality of your life. Comprehensive treatment can restore your self confidence and benefit your social and professional life. A full mouth reconstruction specialist like Dr. Lee will discuss all treatment options with you so you can make an informed decision for the best possible outcome. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee, call our office today at 203 259-7073.

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